The Benefits Of Using Large Format Tiles In Your Home

Large format tiles have numerous benefits when it comes to enhancing the interior and exterior decor of your home. They have become very popular in recent years because they add a more modern and sleek look and are perfect for homeowners who appreciate minimalistic style.

Here are just some of the benefits that you can enjoy when you select large format tiles for your home.

large format tile

Fewer Grout Lines

One of the major advantages of using large tiles is that you’ll end up with fewer grout lines. This will instantly give your tiled areas a more unified look and a cleaner appearance.

Easier Cleaning

Fewer grout lines also mean less maintenance because we all know that grout can become dirty and discoloured over time. This means either retouching or replacing the grout every few years if you want to maintain that clean look to your interiors.

Large Format Tiles Create A More Modern Look

Due to their very nature, large format tiles will give your home a more modern look with their sleek design and interesting patterns. These tiles can be manufactured to replicate the aesthetics of almost any type of material such as wood, concrete, marble, stone and even fabric.

They have the advantage of creating clean lines within your home and can even used from floor to ceiling to give you that wow factor when tiling a bathroom or ensuite.

Large Tiles Create The Illusion Of Space

Whether you have a large or a small room that you want to tile, large format tiles are the perfect choice. Due to their size and minimal grout lines, they help to create the illusion of spaciousness, no matter how large or small the room is.

large format tile illision of space

Large Format Tiles Are Extremely Durable

With a larger surface area, large format tiles are much less likely to crack or chip when compared to smaller tiles. This makes them much more durable and able to handle a large amount of foot traffic.

Large Format Tiles Have A Wide Variety Of Uses

Large tiles can be used both on floors and on the walls of your home. They can easily be cut into shape to fit your interior spaces.

Some clever designers have even used large format tile slabs cut into different shapes as countertops and complete shower surrounds.

They’re Modern And Trendy

If you’re planning on doing some renovations to your current home and want to achieve a more modern and trendy look, you should consider using large format tiles. They have the capacity to transform your interiors and give your home a more contemporary look.

Large Format Tiles Are A More Hygienic Choice

Thanks to their large surface area and fewer grout lines, large format tiles are much easier to keep clean. This makes them a more hygienic choice for families with small children and/or pets.

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