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White Matt 75x300 Subway WallWhite Matt 75x300 Subway Wall
Black Matt 100x300 Subway WallBlack Matt 100x300 Subway Wall
Bevelled Edge White Gloss 100x300 Subway Wall
Carrara Marble Subway Honed Mosaic 302x306Carrara Marble Subway Honed Mosaic 302x306
Mano Ash Gloss Handmade-Look 75x300 Subway WallMano Ash Gloss Handmade-Look 75x300 Subway Wall
White Gloss 100x300 Subway WallWhite Gloss 100x300 Subway Wall
Picket White Gloss 75x300 SubwayPicket White Gloss 75x300 Subway
Mano White Gloss Handmade-Look 75x150 Subway WallMano White Gloss Handmade-Look 75x150 Subway Wall
Chocolate Matt 100x300 Subway WallChocolate Matt 100x300 Subway Wall
Picket Grey Gloss 75x300 SubwayPicket Grey Gloss 75x300 Subway
Black Matt 75x300 Subway WallBlack Matt 75x300 Subway Wall
Luxe Sea Blue Gloss 76x152Luxe Sea Blue Gloss 76x152
Luxe Mint Matt 100x100
Luxe Daylight Gloss 100x100Luxe Daylight Gloss 100x100
Picket Jade Green Gloss 75x300 SubwayPicket Jade Green Gloss 75x300 Subway
Mano Latte Gloss Handmade-Look 75x300 Subway WallMano Latte Gloss Handmade-Look 75x300 Subway Wall

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Choosing The Right One

Subway tiles can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and even laundries. It’s just a case of choosing the right one for each application.

Subway Tiles Kitchen

Traditional subway tiles measure 75 x 150 mm in size, but these days you can get these iconic tiles in a range of slightly different sizes with the most common ones being either 100 x 300 mm or 75 x 300 mm. This gives you plenty of scope to select just the right one for your kitchen.

They make a great addition to any kitchen layout and their uniform rectangular shape means that you can easily apply them in a variety of different configurations. 

Subway tiles look especially effective when placed on the wall behind your sink or on the splashback behind your stove. They're available in both matt and gloss finishes so can choose your preference when selecting just the right tiles for your kitchen.

Subway Bathoom Tiles

Subway tiles look equally as good in your bathroom as they do in your kitchen. They’re perfect for adding to the wall behind your basin and bath and you could even take this one step further and use them in the shower.

You can also achieve some interesting effects by changing the way that they’re positioned. For example, you might want to place them vertically on the wall behind your basin and then lay them in a herringbone pattern behind the bath.

Even if you use the same colour tile, like the gorgeous grey subway tiles we have in stock, laying them in different patterns adds a little interest to your interior decor.

Subway Tile Splashback

Subway tiles look particularly effective when they’re used on the splashback in your kitchen. They give your kitchen that timeless appeal that will never fade.

For a more dramatic look, why not consider a black subway tile for your splashback and supplement this with a different colour on the other tiled areas in your kitchen?

Of course, white and black subway tile is always timeless in a kitchen but think about adding some other colours that would coordinate with the colour scheme that you already have. Subway tiles come in a range of shades such as blue, green and even blush pink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are subway tiles expensive?

Subway tiles are not expensive if you select from our range of ceramic or porcelain tiles. They can range in price from around $25 per square metre upwards.

Are subway tiles hard to install?

Subway tiles are no more difficult to install than other types of tiles. You just need to decide on the pattern you want and then lay the tiles accordingly.

Is subway tile still in trend?

Although subway tiles have been around for some time now, they’re still definitely on trend and you’ll see many modern renovations using these tiles.

What is the most popular size subway tile?

The most popular size subway tile is 75 by 150 mm which is the most authentic size of these tiles. But, there are now other sizes available that might suit your individual preference.