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Pepper Stone Dark Grey 600x600 Smooth GripPepper Stone Dark Grey 600x600 Smooth Grip
Pepper Stone Light Grey 600x600 Smooth GripPepper Stone Light Grey 600x600 Smooth Grip
Pepper Stone White 600x600 Smooth GripPepper Stone White 600x600 Smooth Grip
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Element Ash 600x600 MattElement Ash 600x600 Matt
Tiles Republic Element Ash 600x600 Matt
$22.99 $27.99
In stock, 103 m2
Save 18%
Element Grey 600x600 MattElement Grey 600x600 Matt
Tiles Republic Element Grey 600x600 Matt
$22.99 $27.99
In stock, 288 m2
Save 18%
Element White 600x600 MattElement White 600x600 Matt
Tiles Republic Element White 600x600 Matt
$22.99 $27.99
In stock, 112 m2
Big Terrazzo White Matt 600x600Big Terrazzo White Matt 600x600
Big Terrazzo White Matt 300x600Big Terrazzo White Matt 300x600
Small Terrazzo White Matt 600x600Small Terrazzo White Matt 600x600
Small Terrazzo White Matt 300x600Small Terrazzo White Matt 300x600
Speggle White Matt 600x600Speggle White Matt 600x600
Venice Silver Polished 600x600Venice Silver Polished 600x600
Venice Silver Polished 300x600Venice Silver Polished 300x600
Venice Sand Polished 300x600Venice Sand Polished 300x600
Venice Silver Matt 600x600Venice Silver Matt 600x600
Venice Silver Matt 300x600Venice Silver Matt 300x600
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Venice Sand Matt 600x600Venice Sand Matt 600x600
Venice Sand Matt 300x600Venice Sand Matt 300x600
Venice Cloud Matt 600x600Venice Cloud Matt 600x600
Venice Cloud Matt 300x600Venice Cloud Matt 300x600
Rockway Grey Terrazzo Look Tile Matt 600x600Rockway Grey Terrazzo Look Tile Matt 600x600

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Bathroom Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles can add a distinctive look and feel to your bathroom. They can be used as floor tiles and can also be applied to walls. They provide a beautifully textured finish that will give your bathroom a luxurious feel.

Plus, terrazzo tiles are non-porous which makes them ideal to use in wet areas such as bathrooms.

Floor Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles and terrazzo look tiles are the perfect flooring solution for your home. Once sealed, the tiles have a beautiful glossy sheen and are very easy to keep clean.

They are available in a large range of colours and designs so will suit any style of interior decor. They help to create a natural look on your floors and are easier to maintain than a number of other flooring options.

Outdoor Terrazzo Tiles

For outdoor use, select either cement terrazzo tiles or terrazzo-look tiles as these are generally more resilient to environmental conditions. These tiles are both water and heat-resistant and look fantastic if you want distinctive flooring for your patio or outdoor space.

They will also blend beautifully with your outdoor spaces thanks to their natural look and their wide colour availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are terrazzo tiles expensive?

Terrazzo tiles range in price from $19 to $90 per square metre depending on the tiles that you select. Terrazzo tiles made with marble chips are going to be more expensive than those made with glass chips. Or, you could opt for terrazzo-look tiles that are even more cost-effective.

What are the benefits of terrazzo tiles?

Terrazzo tiles are highly durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are also very eco-friendly because they’re commonly made using recycled materials such as natural aggregates and recycled glass.

What are some basic types of terrazzo tiles?

Epoxy terrazzo tiles are one of the basic types. These use epoxy resin to bind the materials used in the tiles. Cement terrazzo tiles use cement as a binding agent and these are highly cost-effective and very durable.

Should terrazzo tiles be sealed?

In order to protect the tiles and give them a highly-durable finish, they should be sealed with two or more coats of sealer. As the tiles age, they may need additional coats of sealer depending on the level of traffic that the tiles are exposed to.