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Artistic Blossom Matt 200x200Artistic Blossom Matt 200x200
Artistic Daisy Matt 200x200Artistic Daisy Matt 200x200
Artistic Galaxy Matt 200x200Artistic Galaxy Matt 200x200
Artistic Jade Matt 200x200Artistic Jade Matt 200x200
Artistic Mono-Floral Matt 200x200Artistic Mono-Floral Matt 200x200
Encaustic Bronx Matt 200x200Encaustic Bronx Matt 200x200
Encaustic Brooklyn Matt 200x200Encaustic Brooklyn Matt 200x200
Encaustic Queens Matt 200x200Encaustic Queens Matt 200x200
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Infinite Cross White Matt 200x200Infinite Cross White Matt 200x200
Tiles Republic Infinite Cross White Matt 200x200
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Infinite Star 200x200 MattInfinite Star 200x200 Matt

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Areas Where You Would Install Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic look tiles are frequently used in kitchens for a unique and eye-catching splashback or a feature on the wall above your benchtop. Or, imagine using a blue encaustic tile on the floor to give your kitchen that retro feel. 

Plus, you might like to add some visual appeal by creating an encaustic tile bathroom feature wall. Bathrooms can benefit greatly from the use of encaustic tiles. They’ll make an eye-catching statement if you use them on the wall above the basin or you could go all out and use them in the shower cavity.

You could also mix and match by using white tiles on the walls from floor to ceiling and using stunning encaustic tiles on the floor.

Or, to give the entry to your home that wow factor, you might like to use some stunning encaustic tiles on the floor. Plus, as these tiles are non-porous, they can be used on the floor of your outdoor patio too.

Wide Selection Of Encaustic Tiles
At Tiles Republic

At Tiles Republic, we have a wide selection of encaustic tiles that you can choose from. For example, our Artistic Encaustic tile range features stunning floral designs or visually impressive geometric patterning in shades of black, white, grey and blue.

On the other hand, our Infinite Encaustic tile range encompasses bold geometric patterns also in black, white, grey and blue.
These tiles are the perfect solution when you want to create some outstanding visual impact in your interior styling.

Have a look at our extensive range to see which ones you like the best. And, if you’re not sure which tile to choose, from our large encaustic tile Melbourne selection, you can get a sample of any five tiles for just $15. This will allow you to see how each design will look in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of encaustic tiles?

Apart from being visually stunning, encaustic tiles are also tough and durable. They don’t stain easily and, because they’re non-porous, they’re also perfect for outdoor use.

Are Encaustic Tiles Suitable For Bathroom & Kitchens?

Yes, encaustic tiles can be used to create a visual statement in either your bathroom or kitchen or both.

Are encaustic tiles still in style?

Home renovators and interior designers who are looking to create a more retro or heritage look, encaustic tiles are the perfect solution and offer exceptional style to create visually stunning interiors.

Do you grout encaustic tiles?

Yes, like any other type of ceramic or porcelain tile, encaustic tiles do need grout in the joints. This helps to protect the tiles and gives a durable and easy care finish.

How do you maintain encaustic tiles?

Your encaustic tiles should be sealed once they’re laid. This will help to protect them and prevent them from staining. Then, all you need to do is just wipe them clean with a mild detergent to remove any surface dirt.