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Carrara Marble Kit Kat Honed Mosaic 300x300Carrara Marble Kit Kat Honed Mosaic 300x300
Carrara Marble Lantern Honed Mosaic 260x313Carrara Marble Lantern Honed Mosaic 260x313
Carrara Marble White Polished 300x600Carrara Marble White Polished 300x600
Carrara Marble White Polished 600x600Carrara Marble White Polished 600x600
Cuba Cemento Dark Matt 600x600Cuba Cemento Dark Matt 600x600
Cuba Cemento Light Matt 600x600Cuba Cemento Light Matt 600x600
Cuba Ivory Matt 600x600Cuba Ivory Matt 600x600
Eco Stone Hexagon Ash Matt 200x230Eco Stone Hexagon Ash Matt 200x230
Eco Stone Hexagon Black Matt 200x230Eco Stone Hexagon Black Matt 200x230
Eco Stone Hexagon White Matt 200x230Eco Stone Hexagon White Matt 200x230
Encaustic Bronx Matt 200x200Encaustic Bronx Matt 200x200
Encaustic Brooklyn Matt 200x200Encaustic Brooklyn Matt 200x200

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Bathroom Floor Tiles

We have an impressive range of bathroom floor tiles both in gloss or matte finishes depending on the look that you’re after. Whether you want an ultra-modern look or something that’s a bit more rustic, our selection will have what you’re looking for.
For your bathroom, you want to select tiles that are non-porous so that they are easy to keep clean and will look their absolute best for years to come.

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Your kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in your home, so you want to select kitchen floor tiles that are hard-wearing and easy to clean.
Matte floor tiles look great in kitchens as they will give the room a warmer feel. Or, you could opt for a floor tile that just has a slight sheen. This is ideal if your kitchen is on the small side and you want to give the illusion of more space.

Living Room Floor Tiles

Our living room floor tiles come in a wide range of different colours and styles to perfectly suit the look that you’re after.
Generally, you want your living room to feel cosy and comfortable so you might want to select natural timber tiles to achieve this look and feel.
Or, you might prefer a more rustic look by selecting stone or quarry tiles. For clean and sleek lines, you might opt for ceramic or porcelain tiles instead.

Suitable Tiles For Different Purposes

The type of floor tile that you choose will determine how your room looks and feels. For example, timber floor tiles will give the room a more natural and cosy feel and these are ideal for living rooms but can also be used in the kitchen.
On the other hand, porcelain or ceramic tiles are clean and sleek looking and will create a more modern feel. These are ideal for bathrooms and also kitchens.
Or, you might want to create a cohesive flow throughout your home by choosing to use natural stone or quarry tiles in all the rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best thickness for floor tiles?

The majority of quality floor tiles range in thickness from 6mm to 10mm. The thickness that you choose for your floor tiles needs to take into consideration how certain tiles may raise the level of your floor, especially when you also factor in any underlay that may need to be used.

How can you tell if a floor tile is of good quality?

A quality floor tile should be uniform in colour and texture. Ceramic floor tiles should have clean edges with no chips or cracks. Plus, when you place a floor tile on a flat surface, there should be no evidence of warping.

Can wall tiles be used for floor tiles or can floor tiles be used for wall tiles?

While floor tiles can generally also be used for wall tiles, tiles that are labelled as wall tiles are not recommended to use on floors. However, porcelain wall tiles may be suitable as floor tiles in certain situations.

What tiles are best suited for floor tiles?

There are a range of tiles that are suitable for floor tiles. These include porcelain, natural stone, concrete, quarry and ceramic tiles.