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Floor Large Tiles

Large format tiles are absolutely ideal as floor tiles. You can cover a large area with fewer tiles and fewer grout lines. The tiles are also superbly easy to maintain and keep clean.

For example, our Cyprus grey large format tiles are ideal for large living spaces and can be extended out to a patio.

Wall Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles are perfect for expansive wall spaces. Especially if you want the modern floor-to-ceiling tile look. These tiles will give a clean and sleek look to these larger areas.

Bathroom Large Tiles

Large tiles are ideal for large bathrooms and will give you that clean and modern spa-like look. For example, for exceptional bathroom tiles consider our calacatta gold tiles with their unique design. These look amazing in a large modern bathroom both as floor and wall tiles.

Kitchen Large Tiles

While you have a wealth of choices for kitchen tiles, using large format tiles can help you make a bold statement. For a clean and sleek look, why not consider the channel white large format tiles to cover
expansive wall areas?

Outdoor Large Format Tiles

When it comes to your outdoor spaces, large format tiles really shine. They will create the illusion of a more expansive area and allow for a seamless transition from inside to out.

For example, arabescato or onyx tiles with their gorgeous marbling, look fantastic on balconies and outdoor spaces around a pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of large format tiles?

Large format tiles are highly durable and visually appealing. They also provide a layer of insulation which will keep your energy costs down. Plus, with large format tiles, you’ll have fewer grout lines which will reduce their maintenance costs.

Are large tiles cheaper to lay?

As large tiles are heavier, they may incur additional labour costs because it will take 2 people to lift and carry the tiles. In general, these tiles are slightly more difficult to lay so a professional tiler may charge more for this.

Do large tiles crack easier?

You’ll be pleased to know that large tiles are less likely to crack when compared to smaller tiles. This makes them extremely durable and long-lasting.

When should you use large tiles?

Large tiles are ideal for modern interiors that have expansive spaces that need tiling. They also provide plenty of aesthetic appeal and are perfect for creating that minimalistic look that is so popular in modern and renovated homes.