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Decorating your bathroom or planning a bathroom reno can be a challenging process, but you can turn it into an exciting exercise by evaluating and deciding which beautiful materials and colours you are going to highlight. And that is where tiles come in.

Tiles can be used to create a focal point in any room or transform a room on the whole. Use them as a design element to cover an entire wall or a floor or for a more functional purpose such as to avoid dampness, natural staining and ageing. With a little planning, an open mind and the right sort of tiles, you can transform your bathroom to look spectacular; right away.

A little tile can go a long way, amp up your otherwise boring bathroom with a splash of colour, new pattern, or transform it with shapes.

Tiles Republic has curated 10 ways you can turn powder rooms, half-baths, and just little tiny (sometimes windowless) bathrooms into less cramped, more enjoyable spaces.


changing chevron

Why settle for one tile idea when you can use two? Play with the placement of the tiles to achieve more with less. A straight-edge subway and eye-catching chevron. Add a leafy green plant and a gold hardware in the shower area to step things up. 



Contrary to popular belief, minimalist design doesn't have to feel sterile. Revitalize sleek style by wrapping a shower with blush tiles. And then add a final pop of colour with rich, terra-cotta-coloured walls.



We will let you in on a little secret; large floor-to-ceiling marble tiles add to a master bathroom's sophisticated air more than you think. The luxurious space can be accentuated with an antique mirror, a vintage chair and a sculpture.




Make a sure-shot statement by placing two to three patterns together, fit the bathroom walls in a mother-of-pearl tile along with geometrical tiled flooring, and a bold graphic wallpaper.




Teleport your bathroom to another dimension with a set of textured tiles. For this type of a bathroom, stick to a muted metallic colour palette but make sure you add some visual interest with ribbed subway tiles.



pink wall

Bring vibrance to a black and white colour palette. Revitalize the contrasting tiles in this bathroom with a coat of light pink paint, creating a space that feels equal parts feminine and sophisticated.



old allure

Exude an old-world charm with rustic tiles that line the shower and accessorise it with a mirror.



A penny tile-clad floor gives this black and white bathroom a textural touch. The hexagonal floor is juxtaposed by a string of white square tiles that line the walls and the shower. Nickel fixtures and a contrasted, dual sink give the space a rounded shape.



Add hexagon marble tiles to add visual appeal to a black and white master bathroom, featuring luxurious shower fixtures and classic glass and metal shower doors.

In conclusion

Spaces can always be transformed to look bigger, better, more welcoming and luxurious. All it needs is an open mind and the right tiles.

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