Tired of the same old designs and looking to spruce up your home? A new homeowner on the lookout for something simple yet innovative to make a statement with your living space? At Tiles Republic, our mission is to empower every individual with the variety, clarity and quality of tiles they require to reimagine spaces in their cosy abodes.

If you are any of the above-mentioned, may we suggest considering Kit-Kat tiles? More commonly known as finger tiles or mosaics, they are reminiscent of the popular chocolate in its name and shape. Gaining popularity in bathroom and kitchen spaces since 2018, these slender tiles have since been used to add a classic touch and a design presence to various spaces in homes around the world.

Kit Kat tiles stand out in their presence owing to their flexibility in usage which can be attributed to its size and shape, versatility as well as the range of tones, materials, textures (matte and glossy) and colours they are available in. They bring out a textured pattern that does not overpower the overall look and adds a timeless edge - making it the perfect tile for all seasons. 

One of the greatest advantages of these tiles and a major contributor to their popularity is that, no matter how or where you position them, they are bound to transform the area into a statement design, inherently boosting the aesthetic value of your spaces.

Here are a few ways you can transform your spaces within your home with these magnificent tiles, curated for you by Tiles Republic.

  1. White Wonderland 

White kit kat tiles - white wonderland 

Amplify a corner of your bathroom with a touch of Kit Kat tiles to bring out a more sophisticated look. Bonus points if you pair these tiles with neutral white tiles!

  1. Go Green

green kit kat tiles - go green

Add a pop of colour to your minimalistic vanity area to elevate its look! This gives the space a contemporary yet timeless feel to it. Amazing isn’t it?

  1. Feeling Blue

blue kit kat tiles - feeling blue

A rare colour combination in the multitudes of kitchen decor - the glossy blue tiled wall against the earthy kitchen atmosphere. This brings out the elements of life and it is a look that is here to stay! The tiles are also a nod to the Japanese kitchen decor.

  1. Mosaic Haven

Mosaics in a pod - the combination of white finger tiles with grey patterned tiles boost the bathroom into a texture wonderland. The wooden coloured wardrobe neutralises the whole look.

  1. Pretty in Pink

pretty in pink - pink kit kat tiles

Bring the feeling of a tropical holiday home with these beautiful pink tiles to spruce up your sink area. The colour itself adds a personality to the white statement pieces and elevates the minimalistic design. Add a touch of greenery to complement the colour combination.

  1. Luxe Gloss

lux gloss - green kit kat tiles

Transport yourself to a luxury destination while relaxing and relishing your delicious cocktails against this glossy green tile wall - all at home! The bold green, combined with other bold shades bring out a feeling of opulence and grandeur at a budget.

  1. Grey Goodness

grey goodness - grey kit kat tiles

Accentuate your dark themed kitchen with these light grey Kit Kat tiles. It subdues the overall look, bringing life and light to your cooking area.

  1. Haute Red

haute red - red kit kat tiles


Kit Kat tiles do not necessarily need to only be used in bathrooms and kitchen spaces. Spice up a corner of your living room or bedroom with these glossy tiles and make a design statement.

In conclusion, with a little bit of intent and these adorable little tiles, you can brighten up your kitchen, study or bathroom spaces. These ideas are bound to transform the spaces with a timeless personality and add value to your living spaces.

Try these and do let us know how it turned out. We would love to hear from you.


Kit kat tile ideas