20 Stunning Bathroom Tile Ideas for your Bathroom Walls, Floors & Showers

Are you looking for some inspiration for a bathroom renovation? Here are some stunning bathroom tile ideas in Melbourne for walls, floors and in the shower.

1. Create An Accent Feature In The Shower

To add interest to a mostly white bathroom, consider adding larger tiles in the shower and complimenting these with an accent strip with tiles in a complementary colour. Choose an accent colour that compliments the rest of your decor.

 accent feature tile

2. Arrange Tiles In A Chevron Pattern In The Shower

Turn your bath or shower into a feature by positioning the wall tiles in a chevron pattern. This is especially stunning if the rest of your bathroom is white and the tiles in the shower are in a contrasting colour.

chevron pattern tile

3. Create A Dramatic Accent Wall

The black-and-white theme is still popular for bathrooms and you can create a stunning look by using black and white Carrara white polished tiles on the walls and floor of your bathroom and then selecting some stunning black tiles for one wall of your bathroom.

black and white carrara tile

4. Add A Strip Of Colour To Draw The Eye

One of the best bathroom tile ideas to create a dramatic effect is to have the floor and wall tiles in a neutral colour and then add a horizontal accent strip of another colour and style of tile at eye level. You can follow this accent right around the walls and even into the shower.

horizontal accent strip tile

5. Turn Your Shower Into A Feature

These subway tiles that are used to line the entire shower, really make the shower alcove stand out and give the entire bathroom that spa feeling.

white subway tile in shower

6. Add Some Drama With Feature Tiles

Consider adding a wall of feature tiles above the basin or bath for a truly dramatic effect. Picket tiles would look fantastic for this. Especially if you select them in a contrasting colour to the rest of the tiles in your bathroom

green picket tiles for bathroom wall

7. Create An Accent ‘Window’ In The Shower

Consider using some stunning mosaic-type tiles to create an accent ‘window’ in the shower. Keep the rest of the tiles in the shower and the bathroom fairly neutral in colour and go bold by adding a window-shaped accent on one wall in the shower.

accent mosaic tile niche in shower

8. Create A Two-Tone Bathroom

One way to add a dramatic effect to your bathroom is to use the same style of tiles but in two very different colours. This black-and-white theme is particularly eye-catching.

two tones black and white tiles in bathroom

9. Add Texture To Your Bathroom

Smaller bathrooms can benefit from a little extra texture. These textured wall and floor tiles add warmth and the textured look is continued in the granite bench tops.

textured tiles in bathroom

10. Use Subway Tiles More Creatively

We all know that subway tiles are popular when considering bathroom tile ideas. But, how about getting a little more creative with how you lay out the tiles? Play around with the tile arrangement until you have something that looks amazing. A crosshatch design is a good choice.

crosshatch subway tiles in bathroom

11. Add The Wow Factor With Dramatic Floor Tiles

Want to add an instant Wow factor without doing a complete reno? Consider just replacing the floor tiles with dramatic tiles in an eye-catching geometric pattern and contrasting colour.

geometric pattern floor tiles

12. Add Luxury And Glamour To A Small Bathroom

If your bathroom is quite small, lay a lovely natural stone tile on the floor and walls and compliment this with a glossy tile on the wall above the bath or in the shower in a deep green, blue, black or even charcoal. Finger mosaic tiles would look great for this.

black finger mosaic tiles in bathroom

13. Give Your Small Bathroom A Spacious Feel

To give your small bathroom a more spacious feel, consider using large wall and floor imperial tiles. This will create fewer grout lines and give the room the illusion of spaciousness.

imperial tiles in bathroom

14. Add Interest With Different Sized Bathroom Tiles

Another interesting design concept is to use tiles of different sizes but in the same colour. This provides an overall cohesive look but still adds some much-needed interest in a bathroom.

different size tiles in bathroom

15. Give Your Bathroom That Luxe Feel

For a truly elegant bathroom that feels luxurious, consider using marble tiles on both the floor and walls. Compliment these with gold fixtures in the form of tapware and light fittings.

marble tiles for bathroom walls and bathroom floors

16. Add A Touch Warmth To The Bathroom

Popular bathroom tile ideas often focus on making large bathrooms cosier. You can make a large bathroom feel more cosy and inviting by using clay tiles on the floor and the walls.

clay tiles on bathroom walls and floors

17. Go For The Retro Look

Nothing says ‘retro’ more than these interesting black and white floor tiles. These are nicely complimented with subway wall tiles.

retro black and white tiles on bathroom floor

18. Give your bathroom an upmarket feel

To give your bathroom an upmarket feel, consider using stunning cuba tiles on the floor and the walls in a muted tone.

cuba tiles on bathroom floor

19. Use A Mix Of Small Tiles In A Large Bathroom

You can make a large space feel less empty by using small wall and floor tiles. Consider complimentary colours for added interest. This mosaic pattern of tiles is quite effective.

small wall and floor tiles in bathroom

20. Place Your Tiles Vertically Up The Wall

Commonly, rectangular tiles are laid horizontally up a wall. Why not be a little different and place them vertically instead? This will give the illusion of higher ceilings as they’ll draw the eye upwards.

rectangular white tiles on walls

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