Our design guide for Kit Kat tiles in your kitchen

Have you thought about using Kit Kat tiles in your kitchen? For those who don’t know, Kit Kat tiles are slim rectangular-shaped tiles much like the fingers in a chocolate Kit Kat and also known as finger tiles. They come in a variety of colours and there are even ones that have a mosaic pattern.


Kit Kat tiles were inspired by the ever-popular subway tiles that so many people have been using recently while renovating their kitchens. They have a distinctly Japanese feel and appearance and you can position them either vertically or horizontally depending on your preference.

Functional Kit Kat tiles for the kitchen

Using Kit Kat tiles in the kitchen has numerous benefits. They have the ability to add an element of texture to plain walls and they can be matched to your desired colour scheme.


Their small size also means that they’re perfect for smaller kitchens like those in apartments or even granny flats. They’re also ideal for any small alcoves that you might have in your kitchen where a splash of colour would really make a difference.

kitchen white kit kat tile 


For larger areas, you could even mix and match tiles in different colours to create interesting effects or to brighten up an otherwise bland area.

Create a unique look with a Kit Kat tiles kitchen splashback

One of the best ways that you can use Kit Kat tiles in your kitchen is to create a stunning splashback. While subway tiles and mirrored splashbacks have been all the rage in recent years, Kit Kat tile kitchen splashbacks are starting to become popular thanks to their versatility.


You could choose a lovely matt black porcelain tile to make a bold statement or perhaps even a white marble tile that incorporates muted shades of mint green or silver grey. More commonly these tiles are installed vertically to give you that distinctive look. This creates an interesting texture to your splashback.


However, when installed horizontally, they create a somewhat 3D effect and this can be amazing in an otherwise plain kitchen.

Other ways to use Kit Kat tiles in your kitchen

While Kit Kat tiles can be ideal for kitchen splashbacks, there are other creative ways that you can use these tiles to add style and glamour to your kitchen. For example, you could wrap the tiles around your kitchen island bench to create a curved effect and soften any harsh lines.

 island bench kit kat tile


Another interesting idea would be to create a coffee station in the kitchen with an old refurbished dresser and line the back with Kit Kat tiles in a colour that blends with the rest of the kitchen. This would make it appear as if the dresser is actually part of the kitchen cabinetry.


In Summary

Using Kit Kat tiles in your kitchen can really help you to create a unique and distinctive look. These very slim tiles work really well in small spaces but can give an even greater impact when used on larger areas of both walls and other flat surfaces in the kitchen.


The best thing is that Kit Kat tiles are available in a variety of colours and designs so that you can indulge your imagination to create the kitchen of your dreams.