9 Ways To Use Marble Mosaic Tiles To Completely Transform Your Home

Marble mosaic tiles can add a touch of glamour and style to your interiors. Here are 9 ways to use marble mosaic tiles to transform your home.

1. Use Them As A Splashback In Your Bathroom

Adding a few rows of marble mosaic tiles on the wall behind your basin can really make your bathroom shine. This is a great way to draw the eye and make the area a visual feature.

splashback with marble mosaic tile

Source: https://www.pexels.com/@heyho/

2. Use Them As Floor Tiles In Your Bathroom

Why not cover the floor in your bathroom with marble mosaic tiles to create a sense of luxury and style? This works really well if you keep the rest of the tiling nice and simple. Or, go all out for a more dramatic look.

marble mosaic bathroom floor tile

Source: https://easy-peasy.ai/ai-image-generator/images/luxurious-bathroom-design-blue-white-mosaic-tiles

3. Adorn The Walls Of Your Shower With Marble Mosaic Tiles

Get that gorgeous spa feeling when you line the walls in your shower with stunning marble mosaic tiles. Or, you could put the tiles on one wall and add matching tiles in a plain colour to the other walls.

marble mosaic bathroom tile

Source: https://www.pexels.com/@heyho/

4. Create A Feature Wall In Your Bathroom

Add some warmth and texture to your bathroom by creating a feature wall with marble mosaic tiles. This will really draw the eye, so make it count by choosing a truly gorgeous design. These black mosaic tiles would make a great feature wall.

black marble mosaic on shower wall

Source: https://www.pexels.com/@heyho/

5. Go All Out For A Little Drama In The Bathroom

If you’re brave or you like a little drama in your life, why not mix and match different designs of marble mosaic tiles for the floor and the walls?

feature colour marble mosaic tile on wall shower

Source: https://www.pexels.com/@heyho/

6. Use Them On Your Kitchen Splashback

Your kitchen could also benefit from a little mosaic magic. Choose a stunning design and use these tiles for the splashback behind your stove, hotplates or sink.

 A kit kat tile splashback is a popular choice. You could arrange each kit kat mosaic tile either vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference.

marble mosaic tile for kitchen splashback

Source: https://www.pexels.com/@heyho/

7. Adorn The Sides Of Your Island Bench With Marble Mosaic Tiles

You can add a touch of glamour to your kitchen by using marble mosaic tiles as a facing on the sides of your island bench. Go for something dramatic if you want the space to pop or choose a more subdued design for a more upmarket look.


A marble subway mosaic tile would be great for this because you could play around with different patterns.

8. Line Your Entrance With Marble Mosaic Tiles

If your home has a separate entry space, why not give your visitors a stunning first impression by laying marble mosaic tiles on the floor? This hexagon mosaic tile would look great.

marble mosaic tile for entrance

Source: https://www.pexels.com/@alejandro-maroto-245702196/

9. Give Your Home Extreme Street Appeal With A Mosaic Tile Porch

If you have a covered front porch or even a verandah, why not use mosaic tiles on the floor for a truly individual look? This marble mosaic white hexagon tile would be perfect.

marble mosaic tile for porch 

Source: https://www.pexels.com/@lamiko/