Beautiful Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas For 2024

If you’ve fallen in love with the clean aesthetics and timeliness of subway tiles, here are some beautiful subway tile bathroom ideas that will inspire you.

1. Mix Subway Wall Tiles With Coordinating Floor Tiles

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White subway tiles look fantastic when applied to the walls inside your shower. They’re easy to keep clean and provide a timeless elegance. Mix these with some coordinating tiles on the floor in a different design to really catch the eye.

2. Achieve A Stunning Look With A Herringbone Pattern

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The beauty of subway tiles is that you can apply them in a variety of different designs. These white subway tiles are applied in a herringbone pattern which really changes the look and aesthetics of the shower.

3. Emphasise The Design With Dark Coloured Grout

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You can create a more dramatic effect by using a dark-coloured grout with white subway tiles like this example. The dark grout really makes this wall behind the bath pop and catch the eye. Also, notice the row of horizontal and vertical tiles that are used to outline the herringbone pattern.

4. Interrupt A Classic Look With Subway Tiles In A Different Shade

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Subway tiles give a classic look to your bathroom. Why not add a more modern touch by interrupting the pattern with a line of bold-coloured subway tiles?

5. Use Half And Half On The Walls

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This clever bathroom design uses subway tiles on only half the wall to line up with the bottom of the window. Then, larger tiles are applied to the rest of the wall up to the ceiling. This trend of floor-to-ceiling tiling is quite popular right now because it gives a nice clean look.

6. Transform The Look Of Your Bath/Shower Combo

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If your bathroom has a shower over the bath, you can update the look by applying subway tiles from the top of the bath right up to the ceiling. This can really lift the look of your whole bathroom to a different level.

7. Get Dramatic With Black Subway Tiles

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If you’d like a little more drama in your bathroom, why not consider using black subway tiles? These would look even better if you use white tiles on the floor in an interesting pattern combination.

8. Change The Look By Changing The Direction Of The Tiles 

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Instead of applying the subway tiles horizontally in a brick-bond pattern, why not apply them vertically like this stunning example? This creates an entirely different look.

9. Create A Two-Toned Look

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Here’s another example of using subway tiles for part of the wall and then different tiles that go up to the ceiling. You could get really creative here if you mix and match different colours. 

10. Create A Mosaic Design With Subway Tiles

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If you want to get really creative, why not combine subway tiles in complementary colours and arrange them in a mosaic-type design? This might take a little more planning but you could easily map it out on paper before the tiles are applied to the wall.

11. Add A Frieze At Eye Level

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This is a stunning way to add some interest when you’re using just plain white subway tiles in your bathroom. For the frieze, select tiles in a bold colour and consider using a different size to really make it stand out.

12. Mix And Match For A Stunning Effect

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If you want to create a statement, why not mix something like these white subway tiles with a larger tile in a really bold pattern? For this to be effective, stick to a two-colour theme in your bathroom so that the patterned tiles don’t overwhelm the space.

These subway tile bathroom ideas should give you some inspiration for designing your next bathroom renovation using beautiful subway tiles. You could then carry these designs on to the rest of your home by creating an interesting subway tile kitchen design and a stunning subway tile splash back.

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