Everything You Need To Know About Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles can add an interesting dimension to your interior decor with lovely clean and uncluttered lines and a more modern look.

What Are Large Format Tiles

Quite simply, large format tiles are tiles that measure over 600 mm on the longest side. But, you’ll find that the sizes of large format tiles can vary from one brand or style of tile to another.

The benefit of using these tiles is that you’ll need fewer tiles to cover a large area. Using these large tiles also gives you a more clean and uncluttered look because there will be fewer grout lines to distract from the beauty of the tiles themselves.

In Which Spaces Can Large Tiles Be Used?

Large tiles have a multitude of uses and can be utilised as both wall and floor tiles. They look amazing in bathrooms that feature floor-to-ceiling tiling.  

But, these tiles look equally as good in the kitchen when they’re used in splashbacks or on countertops. You could use these tiles in your living room as well to create a feature surround for your fireplace.

What Are The General Sizes For Large Format Tiles?

Large format tiles come in a range of different sizes to suit your interior decor such as:

As you can see, the sizes of large format tiles can vary quite significantly depending on the type and style of tiles that you’re looking for. We find that the 750x1500mm large format tiles are especially popular with renovators.

Key Benefits Of Large Format Tiles

There are numerous benefits to using large format tiles in your home. These include:

Fewer Grout Lines

As you’ll need fewer grout lines with large format tiles, they will provide a very clean and uncluttered overall look to your walls and floors.

Less Maintenance

With fewer grout lines also comes less maintenance.

Create The Illusion Of Space

Large format tiles are ideal for creating the illusion of space because the expansiveness of the tiles will instantly make the room look larger and more spacious.

A Modern Aesthetic

Thanks to their large size, these tiles can add a modern look to your interiors.

Greater Durability

Because these tiles are thicker than regular-sized tiles, you’ll find that they are much less likely to chip or crack.

What You Need To Consider When Selecting The Right Large Format Tile

When selecting the right large format tile for your next renovation project, make sure that you select tiles that are going to fit the space that you want to use them in without too much cutting.

Remember that these tiles are large and much heavier than regular-sized tiles, so you want to ensure that you’ll have good access to get them into your home.

You should also be aware that installing large format tiles often requires specialised equipment, so make sure the tiler you engage to lay the tiles for you has experience with these tiles.

A Quick Guide For Large Format Tile Installation

The installation of large format tiles should be left to a professional who has the expertise and the right tools to create the perfect finish. Here’s what the tiler will need to do:

  • Prepare the surface
  • Lay the tiles out to ensure they’ll fit correctly
  • Cut any tiles to ensure proper coverage
  • Use the correct adhesive to secure the tiles
  • Grout in between the tiles

Why You Should Buy Tiles Republic’s Large Format Tiles For Your Next Project

At Tiles Republic we offer quality tiles at unbeatable prices. Since 2012, we’ve been a favourite supplier of high-quality floor tiles, bathroom tiles and wall tiles.

You’ll also be pleased to know that Tile Republic is the only tile company in Australia that sells the following unique large-format tile size:

  • Tiles that have a length of 1500mm and a width of 750mm
  • This means that you’ll only need two tiles to go from floor to ceiling which is a standard 3 metres in most Australian homes. These tiles are perfect for people who want to minimise the number of grout lines. 
  • Plus, the 750mm width is the perfect size for splashbacks in Australian homes.

Our range of large format tiles is second-to-none and we can supply all of your tiling needs to ensure that your next project looks absolutely amazing once you’re done.