Encaustic Style Ideas Which Create the “Wow” In Your Home!

Tiles Republic is pleased to offer a distinctive range of beautiful encaustic tiles that allow you to create some amazing decor within your home. These stunning tiles allow you to create eye-catching designs in any room. Here are some captivating encaustic style ideas to get you started.

1. Create An Eye-Catching Frieze In Your Kitchen

Why not consider using some of our artistic daisy matt tiles to create an eye-catching frieze just above your kitchen benches?

2. Bring A Retro Vibe To Your Dining Area

Our encaustic hexagon monochrome matt tiles would look fantastic on the floor in your dining area to create a retro vibe in your home.

3. Hide Your Shower Enclosure With A Feature Wall

If you want a little more privacy in your bathroom, why not install a half or three-quarter wall to screen off your shower and decorate this with one of our artistic tiles like the blossom matt?

4. Turn A Stark White Kitchen Into A Welcoming Space


If your kitchen is all-white, you can add a little warmth by laying encaustic tiles on the floor. Our blue fleur matt would work well for this.

5.  Make Your Bath The Focal Point


Whether you have a bland bath or something more exciting, why not turn this into a focal point by covering the entire wall with encaustic tiles using our galaxy matt, for example?

6. Give Your Vintage Bathroom A New Life


If you have a vintage-style bathroom, you can play on this style by using some encaustic tiles on the floor like our mono-floral matt tiles.

7. Create An Encaustic Tile Kitchen Splashback That Truly Captivates


Instead of using encaustic tiles just as a frieze, why not cover your entire splashback using something like our Queens matt tiles?

8. Add A Little Drama To Your Bathroom

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/brown-wooden-table-beside-white-and-black-wall-CBCWNB6_nPw

For added drama, select an encaustic tile with a bold design and use this on the splashback behind the basin.

9. Give Your Bar An Eye-Catching Facelift


Whether your bar is in the rumpus room or outside, use encaustic tiles on the sides for an extreme facelift. Our Brooklyn matt tiles would be great for this.

10. Liven Up Your Patio

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/green-and-white-tile-flooring-AtUTJiKaFxo

If you have a small outdoor patio or even a balcony, use encaustic tiles on the floor to create a lively vibe.

11. Add Some Pizzazz To Your Shower


Cover just the interior wall of your shower with a stunning encaustic tile like our Harlem matt to add some pizzazz.

12. Create A Welcoming Entry

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/empty-corridor-with-light-walls-and-decorative-mirror-in-apartment-6758526/

Encaustic tiles look fantastic when used on the floor in your entry. You could either cover the entire floor area or just create a strip down the centre to resemble a runner.

13. Add An Interesting Frieze Around Your Bathroom Walls

If you’re already using a stunning encaustic tile bathroom style, why not buy extra tiles and use them as a coordinating frieze around the walls?

14. Create A Dramatic Focal Point In The Kitchen

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/interior-of-modern-white-kitchen-6436786/

If you have both bottom and top cupboards in your kitchen, why not fill the entire wall between the two with dramatic geometric encaustic tiles?

15. Brighten Up The Playroom


Use geometric encaustic tiles on the floor of your playroom or family room to add a touch of colour and provide an easy-to-clean surface. Our infinite cross white matt tiles would be great for this.

16. Transform Your Bathroom Cabinet

If you have a plain floor cabinet in your bathroom that houses your basin, why not cover the front with encaustic tiles and then carry these onto the wall behind the basin?

17. Make Your Breakfast Bar The Centre Point

Is the back of your breakfast bar plain and boring? Why not cover this with some dramatic encaustic tiles to really draw the eye?

18. Use Encaustic Tiles In Combination With Plain Ones

If covering an entire floor area with encaustic tiles is a little too dramatic for your taste, why not combine them with plain tiles in the same colourways?

19. Create Some Encaustic Art

Find some encaustic tiles you love and then create an art piece in the centre of a plain wall. Alternatively, you could use the tiles to frame a plain mirror.

20. Liven Up Your Fireplace

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/brown-wooden-baby-chair-near-fireplace-5998035/

If you have a fireplace, you could use some stunning encaustic tiles on the walls surrounding the fireplace to frame it.

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