What Is Trending In Floor Tiles In 2024

If you’re planning on doing some renovating this year or you’re having a new home built, you might be interested to know what is trending in floor tiles in Melbourne right now. Here are 20 exciting floor tile trends for 2024 that home buyers and renovators have fallen in love with.

1. Set In Stone

natural stone look tile

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/natural-stone-look-tiles/products/magic-stone-brown-600x600-smooth-grip

Nothing beats the warmth and earthiness of these natural stone-look tiles available in a range of colours.


2. Popular Porcelain

large porcelain tile

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/kensington-grey-matt-600x600

Large porcelain tiles in a matt finish give every room a clean and expansive look.


3. Polished Porcelain

polished porcelain tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/regal-grigio-polished-750x1500

For a completely different look with porcelain tiles, consider these gorgeous polished options to add a gleam to your interiors.


4. Terrific Terrazzo

mediterranean terrazzo look tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/big-terrazzo-white-matt-600x600

Add a touch of the Mediterranean to your interiors with these stunning terrazzo tiles available in a range of sizes.


5. Precious Porcelain

natural stone porcelain tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/gem-stone-grey-matt-600x600

These stunning tiles have the look of natural stone but are made from porcelain. Check out our Gem Stone range in smoke and grey.


6. Shimmering Stone

shimmering polished stone look tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/q-stone-grey-polished-600x600

When you think of stone, you imagine a matt finish but have a look at these shimmering polished stone look tiles. They’re simply gorgeous!


7. Wonderful Wood

wood-look porcelain tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/ash-wood-smoke-matt-200x1200-timber-look

Timber has always been a popular flooring option but now you can get the same look without the maintenance with these wood-look porcelain tiles in Melbourne.


8. Coveted Concrete

porcelain concrete-look tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/zeus-charcoal-matt-600x600

Want the look of concrete but with a little more warmth and charm? These porcelain concrete-look tiles will fit the bill perfectly.


9. Terrazzo With A Difference

mediterranean terrazzo tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/speggle-white-matt-600x600

Can’t afford a trip to the Mediterranean? Enjoy a cocktail on your outdoor patio instead with these unique terrazzo tiles.


10. Porcelain Patio Style

porcelain patio tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/sahara-grey-non-slip-300x600-outdoor

When you’re looking for the perfect patio floor tile, you can’t go past this range of porcelain tiles with a non-slip finish.


11. Join The Retro Rage

retro artistic porcelain tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/artistic-jade-matt-200x200

If you simply love the retro look and want to recreate the style but with a modern twist, these artistic porcelain tiles are just what you need.


12. Marvelous Mosaics

mosaic look tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/artistic-mono-floral-matt-200x200 

These stunning geometric tiles are reminiscent of the mosaic flooring found in Victorian mansions but much more affordable and easy to care for.


13. Magnificent Marble

marble look porcelain tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/volakas-marble-white-gloss-600x600 

Nothing exudes opulence quite like marble. Now you can achieve a similar look with marble-look porcelain tiles at a fraction of the cost.


14. Sumptuous Slate

slate-look tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/mayfair-slate-matt-300x600

If you adore the look of slate but not the upkeep, you can now get slate-look tiles that are made from porcelain. These are easy-care but still look fabulous.


15. Unleash Your Inner Artist

black and white hexagon tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/eco-stone-hexagon-ash-matt-200x230-floor-and-wall

Want to show off a little more of your creative side? Why not create some flooring artwork with a combination of grey, white and black hexagon ceramic tiles?


16. Miniature Mosaic

miniature mosaic tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/penny-round-mosaic-white-315x294-gloss 

For something just a little different, these miniature mosaic tiles come in sheets to make them easy to lay but highly effective and incredibly affordable.


17. Enchanting Encaustic

encaustic porcelain tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/encaustic-queens-matt-200x200 

Add a touch of enchantment and charm to your floors with these gorgeous encaustic porcelain tiles.


18. Sensational Sandstone

sandstone-look porcelain tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/sandstone-grey-matt-300x600 

These sandstone-look porcelain tiles are ideal for coastal properties that want to bring the appeal of the outdoors inside.


19. Not Quite Gloss And Not Quite Matt

lappato-finished tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/veinstone-taupe-lappato-450x900 

These lappato-finished tiles are a blend between gloss and matt. They provide a more relaxed look with just a hint of sheen.


20. Timeless Timber

timber-look porcelain tiles

Source: https://www.tilesrepublic.com.au/collections/floor-tiles/products/teak-wood-bianco-timber-look-matt-150x900 

While timber flooring will never go out of style, you can achieve a similar aesthetic with timber-look porcelain tiles and no one will know the difference.


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