The Benefits Of Choosing Porcelain Tiles For Your Home

If you’re looking for hard-wearing, durable and attractive tiles, you can’t go past porcelain tiles.


porcelain tiles

What Are Porcelain Tiles?

Porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles that are made from finer clay. They are then fired at a high temperature to make them tough and durable. Thanks to their dense nature, porcelain tiles are impervious which means their water-absorption rate is below 0.5 percent.

Porcelain tiles are both scratch and stain-resistant. This makes them perfect for almost any application including in wet areas such as bathrooms. They are also the ideal choice for use outdoors.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Porcelain Tiles?

There are many benefits to using porcelain tiles in your home.

Porcelain Tiles Are Tough And Durable

Thanks to their dense nature, porcelain tiles are extremely tough, durable and hard-wearing. This makes them ideal for use as both floor and wall tiles in any area of your home.

Porcelain Tiles Are Impervious

These tiles don’t absorb moisture, making them ideal for wet areas. Porcelain bathroom tiles are extremely popular because they are so easy to clean and maintain.

Porcelain Tiles Are Stain-resistant

As they don’t absorb water, porcelain tiles won’t stain. That’s why they’re the perfect choice for wet areas both inside and outdoors.

Porcelain Tiles Can Be Used Outdoors

Porcelain tiles are ideal for outdoor areas because they won’t stain when exposed to the elements. This means that they’ll continue to look as fantastic in years to come as the day they were laid.

Porcelain Tiles Are Low Maintenance

To clean porcelain tiles, all you have to do is mop them with a soap and water solution. This will remove any dirt or spills and help to retain the gorgeous appearance of the tiles.

Available In A Large Range Of Colour And Finishes

Porcelain tiles can be manufactured in almost any colour and imprinted with different designs. Some examples include porcelain terrazzo floor tiles and porcelain timber look tiles.

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