Travertine Look Tiles vs Travertine - Which Flooring Option is Best?

Are you looking for an affordable tile option that will look fantastic and is easy to maintain? While travertine tiles have always been a popular choice for homeowners, their cost may be a little prohibiting for some. That’s why many are now turning to travertine look tiles instead as a more affordable option.


Travertine look tile 

What are Travertine Look Tiles?

Travertine Look tiles are porcelain tiles but with special design elements to make them appear almost identical to natural travertine stone tiles.

Most people know that porcelain tiles are hard-wearing and very easy to maintain but still, they adore the warmth and ambience that natural stone can provide. With Travertine Look tiles you can have the best of both worlds. And, at a much more affordable price.

What are Travertine Tiles? 

A traditional travertine tile is made from natural stone and has been used for centuries. In fact, travertine was first used by the ancient Romans thanks to its unique style and classic beauty.

Each travertine tile is fashioned from sedimentary rock. This type of natural rock forms when mineral deposits commonly found in limestone caves and hot springs, settle in layers and are hardened into stone by the elements.

These natural stone tiles exude a timeless beauty with neutral tones that will enhance any interior or exterior space.

What are the Benefits of Going with Travertine Look Tiles over Travertine?

While you might love the simple elegance of travertine tiles, you can get the same effect by using a travertine look porcelain tile instead. Here are just some of the benefits.


Travertine look tiles are a much more affordable option when compared to travertine tiles. They are also easy to install.


Travertine look tiles are extremely durable as they’re made from porcelain. This makes them ideal for high-traffic areas.


Travertine look tiles can be used in any application that is suitable for porcelain tiles. This means they can be used on floors, walls, on splashbacks, in showers and even outdoors.


While natural stone tiles are highly porous, a travertine look porcelain tile is low or non-absorbent. So, a travertine look bathroom tile will continue to look superb year after year.

Stain Resistant

Thanks to their non-porous nature, travertine-look tiles are highly stain-resistant.

Scratch Resistant

Thanks to their toughened nature, travertine-look tiles are scratch-resistant and will not easily break if something heavy is dropped on them. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about a travertine look flooring tile breaking if you drop something.

Low Maintenance

Travertine-look tiles require very little maintenance because they are non-porous and easy to clean.

Wide Design Options

These tiles are available in a wide range of designs and colours to suit a range of different interiors.

Suitable for Outdoors

As they are non-porous, travertine-look tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Ideal for Coastal Homes

Travertine-look tiles have a high resistance to salt spray because they are non-porous.

Choose Travertine Look Tiles for Your Home

Whether you’re renovating or looking for options for your new home, you can’t go wrong with travertine-look tiles for your kitchen, bathroom, or living areas, both indoors and outdoors.

These tiles look like natural travertine, with its timeless beauty, ambience and warmth, but they’re much more durable and easier to maintain. Plus, they are a much more affordable option without you having to skimp on quality or style.

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