Top Design Style Ideas & Advice when choosing Bathroom Terrazzo Tiles

Redecorating your home's bathroom or your spa's shower area, there is nothing that will elevate the look than Terrazzo tiles. If you don't know much about bathroom tiles, Terrazzo tiles are your best bet.  

In the history of terrazzo tiles Melbourne, these are still the most popular tiles to date. Apart from being beautiful and contemporary, these tiles add texture and individuality to your showering space.

Moreover, they are also a practical solution for any bathroom treatment. Easy to clean, low-maintenance, and hardwearing, what more can you ask for in a tile?

Here's our take on getting the perfect terrazzo look tiles pattern and color combination for your bathroom.


1.   Matching Walls and Floor Makes More Impact

Terrazzo bathroom tiles are highly flexible, you can use the same pattern on walls and floor, and no one will bat an eye. The same pattern on the wall and the floor elevate the look of any space, giving it a modern and chic look.

If you are looking for a seamless and crisp look for your bathroom, this is the LOOK for you. Choose a black and white pattern to add a dash of monochrome as well like our Venice Cloud Terrazzo Tile.



2.   Create a Subtle Focal Point

To make a statement, you don't need to tile the whole bathroom; a small piece will do the trick if you use Terrazzo tiles. For example, a simple yet modern and light-colored risen Terrazzo basin against a light interior wall will give your bathroom the most sought-after look ever.

terrazzo tile basin

You can also get Terrazzo accessories if you aren't into getting a Terrazzo basin or any significant accessory.


3.   Add the Sophisticated Touch with Terrazzo

Terrazzo tiles are fun; the patterns are ideal for adding color to any bland setting. But did you know they go both ways? You can use a darker shade to add sophistication to your bathroom if that's your preference.

For a luxurious look, black or dark Terrazzo tiles work well. For a grown-up and spa-style bathroom, darker Terrazzo is an ideal match. Keep the rest simple as well with dark accessories, simple decor, and clear-cut mirrors.

dark terrazzo tile in bathroom

4.   Adding Grander

Choose a combination of Terrazzo tiles for the floor and attachments for a grander effect. For example, a vibrant blue basin contrasts against the contrasting Terrazzo on the floor. The high water-resistance properties of resin-based Terrazzo make it perfect for attachments like basins and tubs.

 Compliment your tiles with ambient lighting, and create a stunning bathroom space. Luxurious yet low-maintenance, that's Terrazzo bathroom tiles for you.


5.   The Ultimate Accent Wall

When making a statement and creating a focal point, a Terrazzo accent wall will go a long way. Keep it all simple and add a playful plush with one wall decorated with Terrazzo tiles. These versatile tiles pair well with all colors and designs, so it's hard to go wrong with them.

bathroom wall terrazzo tile


Moreover, you can use either macro or micro for your accent wall; that depends mainly on the accessories and the other decor of the bathroom as well as the colors on other walls. Macro tiles will add depth, whereas micro tiles will add small playful specks of color to your bold bathroom walls.

 All in all, Terrazzo bathroom tiles are pretty moldable. They go whichever way you want them to. Playful, modern, or luxurious, Terrazzo alone can get you all these looks.


Bathroom terrazzo tile