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Chocolate Matt 100x300 Subway WallChocolate Matt 100x300 Subway Wall
Cuba Cemento Dark Matt 600x600Cuba Cemento Dark Matt 600x600
Cuba Cemento Light Matt 600x600Cuba Cemento Light Matt 600x600
Cuba Ivory Matt 600x600Cuba Ivory Matt 600x600
Eco Stone Hexagon Ash Matt 200x230Eco Stone Hexagon Ash Matt 200x230
Eco Stone Hexagon Black Matt 200x230Eco Stone Hexagon Black Matt 200x230
Eco Stone Hexagon Silver Matt 259x299Eco Stone Hexagon Silver Matt 259x299
Eco Stone Hexagon White Matt 200x230Eco Stone Hexagon White Matt 200x230
Encaustic Bronx Matt 200x200Encaustic Bronx Matt 200x200
Encaustic Brooklyn Matt 200x200Encaustic Brooklyn Matt 200x200
Encaustic Queens Matt 200x200Encaustic Queens Matt 200x200
Executive Stone Arabescato Matt 600x1200Executive Stone Arabescato Matt 600x1200

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Frequently Asked Questions

What colour tiles are best for the bathroom?

White tiles have always been popular in bathrooms and help to make the room look larger. However, current trends also include black tiles, whether these are used on the floor or the walls.

How much does it cost to tile a bathroom?

On average, tiles can range in price from $30 to $55 per cubic metre. Therefore, the total cost would be dependent on the size of your bathroom and the tiles that you select.

Are matte or gloss tiles best for bathrooms?

It’s better to stick to matte tiles for bathrooms. This is because they won’t show smudges or water marks as easily as gloss tiles will.