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Luxe Sky Blue Gloss 100x100Luxe Sky Blue Gloss 100x100
Luxe Sea Blue Matt 76x152Luxe Sea Blue Matt 76x152
Luxe Sea Blue Gloss 76x152Luxe Sea Blue Gloss 76x152
Luxe Sea Blue Matt 100x100
Luxe Sea Blue Gloss 100x100
Luxe Blush Pink Matt 76x152
Luxe Blush Pink Gloss 76x152
Luxe Blush Pink Matt 100x100Luxe Blush Pink Matt 100x100
Luxe Blush Pink Gloss 100x100Luxe Blush Pink Gloss 100x100
Luxe Mint Matt 76x152Luxe Mint Matt 76x152
Luxe Mint Gloss 76x152Luxe Mint Gloss 76x152
Luxe Mint Matt 100x100
Luxe Mint Gloss 100x100
Luxe Midnight Matt 76x152Luxe Midnight Matt 76x152
Luxe Midnight Gloss 76x152Luxe Midnight Gloss 76x152
Luxe Midnight Matt 100x100
Luxe Midnight Gloss 100x100
Luxe Daylight Matt 76x152
Luxe Daylight Gloss 76x152
Luxe Daylight Matt 100x100Luxe Daylight Matt 100x100
Luxe Daylight Gloss 100x100Luxe Daylight Gloss 100x100
Luxe Ash Grey Matt 76x152
Luxe Ash Grey Gloss 76x152
Luxe Ash Grey Matt 100x100Luxe Ash Grey Matt 100x100

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cover feature tiles?

If you want to cover your feature tiles in winter to add a bit more warmth to your interior, use large floor rugs with slip-proof backing.

Which wall is best for a feature wall in the bathroom?

In the bathroom, the wall behind the basin or the bath makes a great feature wall. You could even take this one step further and use feature tiles on the walls of the shower.

What makes a good feature wall?

A good feature wall should be stylish and draw the eye but it should also compliment your decor. Choose a colour that either compliments or contrasts your interiors and use wall ceramic tiles that incorporate this colour into their design.

How do you seal marble mosaic tiles?

It’s best to use a penetrating sealer over your marble mosaic tiles as this will protect the tiles and make them completely impenetrable to moisture.

How do you cut marble mosaic tile avoiding chipping it?

To prevent chipping when cutting a marble mosaic tile, make sure you use a diamond blade saw, cut in the direction of the grain, and go slow when you get near the end of the cut.